Also known as "English Wheels"

You have seen it on the TV, the many shows held around the UK over the years, you may even have tried one at an event or show, or read the books. The English wheel, or its more common name of wheeling machine, a lesser known tool that that quietly resides in the hallowed inner sanctum of some of the best known panel makers, and automotive restorers in the industry, and it's not just the UK where they live!

what is it?

If you have landed on these pages, I guess you already know, if your here by accident well It's a tool! In fact a panel makers tool. The English Wheel’s primary function is to shape compound (double curvature) curves in flat steel and aluminium, smoothly and easily, by pushing metal back and forth using only the strength of one or two workers. It requires little physical effort. No electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic power is needed, and the machine is almost silent in operation, so no hammers or bashing required.

do I need such a thing?

Yes! You have just been clearing a patch of your overgrown garden, and discovered a rusty old Aston Martin you forgot you put there in the 80's now you would love an DB4 Zagato, but cant afford the five million or so to purchase one right now. Seriously!!! All joking to one side for a moment, but that's what this tool helps you create, see the shapes on that thing, lovely isn't it? The English wheel produces the curved panels you see, so if ever you did want to do such a thing  - you need a tool like this, or your going to need some big hammers, ear defenders, kind neighbours and arms like popeye!